5 actions that can lead to a motoring accident

Any competent legal office will have specialists in specific areas of the law. If you are involved in an automobile crime, you will need the services of a lawyer specialised in automobile crimes. If the accident you were involved in is severe, you will need the experience of that lawyer if it is your fault or not, you should be able to get the best result on your behalf.

Dangerous driving

If the accident you were involved in was a dangerous or fatal accident, it is essential that the lawyer representing you has experience in such cases and is fully aware of the Motorists and Pedestrians Law. The penalties for such an offense are strict, and the advice of a professional car lawyer is essential to guide you through the steps of the legal system.

If the accident you were involved in is severe and could justify a prison sentence, your legal counsel can work on your behalf to provide legitimate reasons and appeal against any conviction. Your lawyer will evaluate your situation and advise you on an appropriate course of action with the possibility of a reduction in fines that may not apply to the appeal.

Use the cell phone while driving.

Using a cell phone while driving a car has become one of the most common offenses. Hands-free devices are available, and drivers are often baffled by this law if they have both hands on the wheel. Infractions of this nature are often difficult to prove because there are exceptions because mobile phones can be used in an emergency.


Another cause of many accidents is speed. Radars are placed everywhere in the road network, and many drivers have received fines for speeding generated by these cameras. There are rules about the degree of speed concerning regulation and whether a ticket will be issued. These cameras are there to help in the reduction of accidents, and if a driver wishes to fight a ticket issued, he should seek the advice of a lawyer specialized in the field of fines for speeding.

The radars are of various types and are subject to different rules, and the police must respect these rules. A lawyer will be able to verify if the police have followed the rules in each particular case, a lawyer will know these rules and will be able to invalidate any ticket that has been received.


Drinking and driving is another serious cause of accidents. That can often seem like a simple case if a driver is arrested and accused of drinking and driving. A good motoring lawyer who specializes in this area of the law will work on your behalf and review the evidence since an initial charge does not necessarily mean that a judicial process will be followed.…